Public procurement: Eliminating Human Rights abuses from government supply chains

The UNGPs clearly call on states to ensure respect for human rights when they purchase goods and services. However, only a few steps have been taken so far at national and EU level to safeguard respect for human rights by public suppliers and contractors. This session aims to identify opportunities to “scale up and speed up” efforts by public contractors to eliminate human rights abuses from their supply chains.

Contributions by:
– Dante Pesce (UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights);
– Theo Jaekel (Swedwatch);
– Diewertje Heyl (Stop Child Labor);
– Olga Martin Ortega (University of Greenwich/Learning Lab on Public Procurement and Human Rights);
– David Hansom (Veale Wasbrough Vizards)

Moderated by: Claire Methven o’Brien (Danish Institute for Human Rights)

Bio’s of the speakers

Bio’s of speakers of the Public Procurement session

Presentations of speakers

David Hansom VWV Session 23

Background materials

Paper by IHRB: Protecting rights by purchasing right

Study by SOMO: A review of Dutch policy for socially responsible public procurement

Article on website MVO platform: Human Rights not guaranteed by Dutch Procurement Policies

UoG SRPP policy paper January 2015 ad

Human rights new frontier in public procurement In Procurement Magazine Feb 2016


Swedwatch: Healthier Procurement

ICAR: first-international-workshop-of-the-learning-lab-on-public-procurement-and-human-rights

Session organised by the Danish Institute for Human Rights, Swedwatch and the Stop Child Labour Coalition