Human Rights Reporting for Companies

This session looked at the critical role of good human rights reporting in advancing implementation of the UN Guiding Principles. It introduced the UNGPs Reporting Framework: the first comprehensive framework for companies to report on how they respect human rights in practice.

The session explained how the Reporting Framework helps companies meet regulatory requirements and investor expectations on disclosure, while also encouraging improvements in their processes and practices, whatever the size, sector or starting point of companies. It offered insights into the various ways in which governments are also using the Reporting Framework.

Contributions by:
– Betrand Janus (Total);
– Sofie Nystrom (H&M);
– Dominic Burke (Hermes EOS);
– Filip Gregor (Frank Bold).

Moderated by: Caroline Rees (Shift) and Richard Howitt (MEP)

Session organised by: Shift and Fairfood

Presentations of speakers

Maddalena Neglia Fairfood Session 15

Caroline Rees Shift Session 15

At the start of the session, a film (made by Shift) was shown to introduce the UNGP and the concept of Salient Risks.