Corporate Governance and Capital Markets Policies

There is increasing recognition of the connection between corporate governance and human rights, both as an ethical issue and part of business risk management. This session will explore how EU corporate governance can encourage greater respect for human rights and discourage practices which exacerbate the risk of human rights abuses. Speakers will debate what should be expected of boards and investors to ensure adequate oversight for risk management and mitigation.

This session will also explore for business and policy-making to mitigate pressure on companies to focus on short-term financial results, which has been criticized for encouraging short-term thinking and the excessive externalization of costs. It will examine the relationship between companies’ long-term success and their ability to consider their purpose, respect for human rights and sustainability in their strategy and decision making.

Contributions by:
– Herman Mulder (True Price Foundation, Dutch NCP and TEEB Advisory Board);
– Marcello Palazzi (B Corporation);
– Rosl Veltmeijer (Head of Research at Triodos Investment Management);
– Jeroen Veldman (Cass Business School)

Moderated by: Paige Morrow (Frank Bold)

Session organized by: Frank Bold

Bio’s of Speakers

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