Business and Human Rights Issues within Europe

From human trafficking in the Netherlands, to forced labour in the UK and environmental degradation affecting people’s health and livelihood in the Czech Republic: workers and communities in Europe continue to face serious human rights abuses linked to private sector activities.

This session emphasises the need to address and prevent human rights and environmental abuses, and improve access to justice and remedy for victims. Participants will explore relevant steps taken by civil society, businesses and governments in dealing with these issues, and draw lessons for further action.

Contributions by:
– Marilyn Croser (CORE Coalition);
– Sandra Claassen (FairWork);
– Pavel Cerny (Frank Bold);
– Anna Pot (APG Asset Management).

Moderated by: Phil Bloomer (Business & Human Rights Resource Centre)

Session organised by: Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, the Dutch Human Rights Institute, FNV and Frank Bold

Bio’s of speakers

Panellist bios – Business & human rights in EU – 11 May

Presentations of speakers

Pavel Cerny Frank Bold Session 11

Sandra Claassen Fair Work Session 11

Background materials

UK Modern Slavery Act: Analysis of early company statements, new guidance (2016)

Syrian Refugees in Turkish Garment Supply Chains: An Analysis of Company Action to adress Serious Exploitation (2016)

Eastern Europe Business and Human Rights Briefing (2016)

Western Europe Business and Human Rights Briefing (2014)

Aarhus Convention