Access to Remedy: the Effectiveness of Non-Judicial Grievance Mechanisms

The Access to Remedy pillar of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights clarifies that “States should provide effective and appropriate non-judicial grievance mechanisms, alongside judicial mechanisms, as part of a comprehensive State-based system for the remedy of business-related human rights abuse”. Based on existing insights about the functioning of non-judicial grievance mechanisms, this panel session centres around the question: how can the EU improve the effectiveness of non-judicial grievance mechanisms in providing remedy for victims of business related human rights abuse?

This part of the conference is part of the Human Rights in Business training session.

Contributions by:
– Roel Nieuwenkamp (OECD Working Party);
– Roberto Rando (Accountability Mechanism of the European Investment Bank);
– Alice Pedretti (CSR Europe);
– Sukhgerel Dugersuren (OT Watch).

Moderated by: Mariette van Huijstee (SOMO)

Session organised by: SOMO

Presentations of speakers

 Alice Pedretti CSR Europe Session 16

Roberto Rando EIB Session 16

Background materials

Assessing the effectiveness of Company Grievance Mechanisms – CSR Europe

Glass Half Full

Remedy Remains Rare

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